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Business catalog

Showcase a catalog of your products or services

Viber search

Allow customers to discover your business on Viber

Quick chat

Manage instant customer requests seamlessly

Customer folder 

Easily separate your 

private and business chats 

And more!

Exciting new features are added every month

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“Starting out in the midst of the pandemic, my business found a growth partner in Viber. Now, with the new tools that the app gives, I can effortlessly engage with my customers, offer them tailored assistance, and ensure seamless communication about their orders.”

– Mon Cabsag, The Bistro Box

The opportunities are endless when you have a business page on Rakuten Viber

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Is it free to open a business account on Rakuten Viber?

Yes! You can open a basic business account for free. If you want to continue growing your business on Viber, consider partnering with us.

How will new customers find my business?

Your business will be shown in the search results when customers search for your business name on Viber.

Can I separate my personal chats from my business chats?

Yes! All chats initiated via your business page will be placed in a dedicated folder.

Can I open more than one business account?

You can open one business account per phone number used on Viber. 

What information do I need to give to open a business account on Rakuten Viber?

You’ll need to provide basic information, such as your business name and address. 

Viber Privacy Policy

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